Sublime Sublime 2022 Logo, Visual Identity, Packaging, Web The very name of the company takes us to a job done with refinement, concern and detail. So, Sublime’s identity was thought to accompany its own name and service rendered. It was designed to stand out from traditional cleaning companies and to show that having a house well […]

Grão Natural

Grão Natural Grão Natural 2019 Grão Natural is located in the municipal swimming pools building of Arcos de Valdevez, where there are also two more gyms. With all these surroundings it made perfect sense for the bar to opt for a concept of healthy dishes and products. The identity we created was inspired by the […]

Cantinho D’Alcácer

Cantinho D’Alcácer Cantinho D’Alcácer 2020 Arcos de Valdevez can be considered a small seduction box, embedded in Vale do Vez, Arcos retains all the characteristic charm of Alto Minho: green landscape, abundant freshness, sunny architecture and a river that spreads the vanity of an entire village full of history. Located in Távora Santa Maria, Cantinho […]


Northland Northland 2019 North Land provides services for mountain activities in the Serra de Arcos de Valdevez and in the National Park – Peneda-Gerês. It has a wide range of activities but the main focus is 4×4 tours and trekking. The client wanted her identity to focus on 3 key points, the mountains, the cardinal […]


Movicerqueiras Movicerqueiras 2019 Brand project for Movicerqueiras furniture store.

Sushi Maketto

Sushi Maketto Sushi Maketto 2020 Sushi Maketto is a local sushi bar in Ponte de Lima. In reference to the place where their establishment is placed and to the Asian culture, they came up with the name “Maketto” which means “market” in Japanese. Trying to follow all these connections, this rebrand was created from a very particular […]


GRWind GRWind 2019 Wind turbines need regular inspection and maintenance, as well as necessary repairs. GRWind provides the protection and security necessary for wind farms to maintain high production values. The basis for GRWind’s new image creation appears, proving to be a brand that transmits trust, quality, accuracy, with plenty of strength and visual impact.


Kiwitos Kiwitos 2020 Kiwitos, a brand of organic mini kiwi fruit produced in Ponte da Barca – Portugal. The customer requested a modern and familiar brand, as the products would be on sale in several stores across the country and it’s a product that appeals from 8 to 80! Another request was for the brand […]

Oficina & Stand Motoqueiro

Oficina & Stand Motoqueiro Oficina & Stand Motoqueiro 2018 Development of graphic identity and printing of communication supports.

Pedro Canossa

Pedro Canossa Pedro Canossa | Electricity Service 2018 Branding project for the company Pedro Canossa | Electricity Service.