Fly Chair

Fly Chair Fly Chair 2019 Fly Chair is a company specialised in Interior Design and Architecture, headquartered in Cidade da Maia. The letter F from the company’s name was used alongside with a chair, also in their name. It’s a more rigid, elegant, selective and very personalised approach from the chosen final concept.


Kiwitos Kiwitos 2020 Kiwitos, a brand of organic mini kiwi fruit produced in Ponte da Barca – Portugal. The customer requested a modern and familiar brand, as the products would be on sale in several stores across the country and it’s a product that appeals from 8 to 80! Another request was for the brand […]

IVSS Festival ’18

IVSS Festival ’18 IVSS Festival ’18 2018 Logo, Visual Identity Insua do Vez Summer Sessions is a electronic music festival that takes place in a small town, in the north of Portugal. The festival already counts with 12 editions and recreates itself in a place like an island surrounded by the clean waters of Rio […]

Oficina & Stand Motoqueiro

Oficina & Stand Motoqueiro Oficina & Stand Motoqueiro 2018 Development of graphic identity and printing of communication supports.

Pedro Canossa

Pedro Canossa Pedro Canossa | Electricity Service 2018 Branding project for the company Pedro Canossa | Electricity Service.

Poetas Bar

Poetas Bar Poetas Bar 2019 Poetas Bar is an old bar, that reopened its doors in 2017. The logo idea was based in the name of the bar – “Poetas Bar”.

Quinta da Mata

Quinta da Mata Quinta da Mata 2015 Quinta da Mata is a rural tourism and wine production farm that consists of about 5 hectares of wine exploration and a residential area. From accomodation, wine production, traditional jam production, the area offers all the comfort to enjoy a relaxing environment.


Ambiclima Ambiclima 2017 Ambiclima is a company specialised in HVAC systems and renewable energies. This logo was created by joining the letters A and C of the company’s name and its colours were inspired by a colour scale (hot and cold) referring to the temperatures of the HVAC systems.

Arcos Hotel Nature & Spa

Arcos Hotel Nature & Spa Arcos Hotel Nature & Spa 2016 Development of graphic identity, website, vinyl montage decoration and printing of communication supports.


Brisoubar Brisoubar 2020 Graphic Design, Logo Design, Editorial Design, Packaging Design Rebrand project for the Restaurant – Pizzeria Brisoubar for their 25th anniversary. Brisoubar is a local restaurant in Arcos de Valdevez, distinguished by its wide menu, from typical Portuguese food to the famous Italian pizzas.