Sublime Sublime 2022 Logo, Visual Identity, Packaging, Web The very name of the company takes us to a job done with refinement, concern and detail. So, Sublime’s identity was thought to accompany its own name and service rendered. It was designed to stand out from traditional cleaning companies and to show that having a house well […]

Sushi Maketto

Sushi Maketto Sushi Maketto 2020 Sushi Maketto is a local sushi bar in Ponte de Lima. In reference to the place where their establishment is placed and to the Asian culture, they came up with the name “Maketto” which means “market” in Japanese. Trying to follow all these connections, this rebrand was created from a very particular […]


Kiwitos Kiwitos 2020 Kiwitos, a brand of organic mini kiwi fruit produced in Ponte da Barca – Portugal. The customer requested a modern and familiar brand, as the products would be on sale in several stores across the country and it’s a product that appeals from 8 to 80! Another request was for the brand […]